Parking Reminder

We would like to remind all residents and visitors with winter approaching that parking enforcement is being stepped up. The Township of Wellesley Parking By-law 23/2010 and the Regional Road Parking By-law 06-072 are being enforced by both the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer and Waterloo Regional Police.

  • Parking is prohibited on all highways within the Township of Wellesley between 2:30am–6:00am.
  • Parking overhanging any boulevard, sidewalk or multi use trail is prohibited within the Township of Wellesley.
  • Heavy trucks are prohibited from parking on all highways within the Township of Wellesley except while loading and unloading.

A Highway includes all roads, shoulders, boulevards and sidewalks.

The above are noted sections and are not to be interpreted as the By-law in its entirety.


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